The Foot Gym

The best exercise for your feet

The Foot Gym
The Foot Gym
The Foot Gym
The Foot Gym
The Foot Gym
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Massage your feet, stretch them, give them a workout and strengthen your foot muscles- all in one place! Foot Gym® will give you increased stability, balance and foot function with several foot exercises. This is a prehab/rehab that specifically helps those with Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, and other foot injuries or surgeries. If you’re looking for stronger and more stable feet and ankles, then you’ve come to the right place.

Not available in the UK and Sweden because of distribution rights.
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This patented all-in-one device offers a combination of seven different foot exercises, stretches and massage therapy. It works to strengthen the often neglected muscles that lead to an improved balance, structural stability, and greater overall foot function.

All-in-One Foot Exercises for Rehabilitation, Muscle Strengthening and More!

Introducing The Foot Gym®

  • Three Level Resistance Bands
    Resistance bands are designed for light, medium or firm resistance.
  • Non-Slip, Antimicrobial Footpad
    This comfortable padding is non-slip and angled for full dorsiflexion stretches.
  • 7 Exercises in One
    Featuring seven Doctor certified ankle and foot exercises in one device.
  • Massage Roller
    Fill the massage roller with water and freeze or heat for soothing massage therapy and pain relief.
  • Strength & Stability
    Strengthen the often neglected muscles to lead to an improved balance.
  • Stretching
    Quickly prepare to perform, play or just your average day with complete stretching exercises.


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