Decompression Foot Sleeve - DS6

For moderate to severe Plantar Fasciitis Relief

Decompression Foot Sleeve - DS6
Decompression Foot Sleeve - DS6
Decompression Foot Sleeve - DS6
Decompression Foot Sleeve - DS6
Decompression Foot Sleeve - DS6
Decompression Foot Sleeve - DS6
Decompression Foot Sleeve - DS6
Decompression Foot Sleeve - DS6
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Wearing the NEW, Patent Pending DS6 Decompression Sleeve is the easiest, most comfortable way to reduce swelling, improve circulation, and relieve the pain associated with moderate to severe Plantar Fasciitis. The DS6 Decompression Foot Sleeve will reduce the pain resulting from Plantar Fasciitis, heel spurs, swollen feet, torn ligaments, and more. DS6 sleeves are also ideal for immediate treatment for more severe cases of heel pain and Plantar Fasciitis.

The OrthoSleeve DS6 should be used during the night.


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Decompression Foot Sleeve - DS6 - White

Op voorraad - available DS6 - white
€ 29.99 € 14.99
The Best Device to offer Immediate Relief for Moderate to Severe Foot Pain from Plantar Fasciitis

The OrthoSleeve DS6 Decompression Foot Sleeve combines Compression Zone Technology with K-Zone Technology which works like a therapeutic taping device to ease heel and arch pain, treat and relieve Plantar Fasciitis and other foot conditions. Designed for use as low-activity resting therapy for moderate to severe conditions. Easy-on and easy-off with a thin profile designed to fit comfortably under socks.

DS6 Decompression Foot Sleeve with COMPRESSION ZONE TECHNOLOGY and K-ZONE TECHNOLOGY for Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief

Like the FS6, the six zones of graduated compression support the foot and ankle while boosting circulation. With the boost in circulation, swelling will go down and your foot pain will subside. With its shaped-to-fit design, the foot sleeve will mold to your foot shape. This allows the correct areas of your foot and ankle to enjoy the benefits of the compression sleeve. Our compression Zone Technology relieves the pain and symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis.

The NEW DS6 is designed for use as a resting therapy treatment for moderate to more severe cases of pain from Plantar Fasciitis. The K-Zone Heel lock stabilizes the heel and to support the decompression pain relief process. The DS6 is the comfortable alternative treatment to bulky splints. The low stretch bands with gel lock in the forefoot work like clinical taping to take pressure off the sore damaged soft tissues and Plantar Fascia ligaments.

Download here a document about the OrthoSleeve DS6 vs. Clinical Taping.


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