Braces and Supports with Compression Zone Technology™
World’s thinnest, most comfortable, easy-to-wear & effective braces

The Orthosleeve® family of products combines the benefits of medical grade orthopedic support with the power of graduated compression in one thin, light, comfortable sleeve that relieves pain and improves mobility for millions of people. Compression Zone Technology® built into every OrthoSleeve® product is scientifically precise graduated compression that surrounds your joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments in anatomically correct zones to improve circulation, support and stabilize joint structure, and reduce swelling. The result? Pain relief, increased mobility, greater confidence and comfort as you pursue your active lifestyle.

OrthoSleeve® Compression Zone Technology® (CZT™) defines a new way of making ortho supports. This breakthrough technology delivers medical grade support in thinner, more comfortable, discreet medical devices. No longer is it necessary to use heavy splints, uncomfortable neoprene fabrics and frustrating Velcro.

Orthosleeve® products allow you to receive the support and pain relief you deserve any time of day. You can sleep in your OrthoSleeve® brace to awake pain-free. You can easily slip on your OrthoSleeve® under any type garment...business suit, work clothes, gym clothes, socks....you name it. These products go where you go. We call this motion comfort™.

This Compression Zone Technology® uses patented graduated compression for vascular improvement or vascular safety. OrthoSleeve® products give you circulation improvement and support without circulation interference, unlike most bulky orthopedic and sports supports.

You can order the Orthosleeve products in the whole EU, except in the United Kingdom and Sweden. This is because of the distribution rights.