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3PP ThumSling Long NP - black

3PP ThumSling Long NP - black

3PP ThumSling Long NP - black

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  • Product info

3pp ThumSling Long NP is made of resilient foam-lined material that provides moderate, adjustable support to the thumb and wrist to reduce pain caused by thumb arthritis, ligament injuries, or tendinitis. Adjustable compression provides support without restricting motion.


  • Easy-to-apply one piece splint supports the CMC joint (base joint) of the thumb and the wrist without restricting motion. The contoured strap adjusts to your level of comfort.
  • The 3pp ThumSling Long NP offers greater resistance to movement than the original 3pp ThumSling Long while still being easy to wear at work and during leisure activities.
  • A detachable stay is included to provide additional support wherever it`s needed.
  • Soft foam lining is gentle on the skin and helps keep the splint in place.
  • Hand or machine washable. Latex-free.
  • Moderate/Moderate + Support

Sizing Information

One size fits MP circumference (measurement around the big knuckles) 15 - 23 cm or 6” to 9”.

One size fits most
15-23 cm or 6” to 9"